This collection of recipes is as eclectic as my life.  Most of my recipes have been adapted to suit my family's taste.  I am a closet cookbook collector and have tons of adapted recipes.  I also have 'antique' recipes.  Some of these I share because it brings back memories and some are just fun to share.


This too is an eclectic collection! I am an avid kitchen gadget and small appliance collector.  Here, you can find reviews on the ones that I have used over the years.  I also cover cleaning products and appliances, menu planning apps and sites, grocery shopping apps and sites, tools, and and anything else I feel like reviewing.

Homemade How-To's

I LOVE homemade!!! Whether it be homemade gifts, home decor, food, commercial product substitutes, beauty products, cleaning supplies, or pet products...if it's homemade or you can make your own substitute...

Thank you for visiting...

I'm glad you stopped by my site!  I'm a private country girl, but I do like to share my opinions, recipes, tips and tricks, and anything else I've learned along my eclectic life journey.
At my home, we do menu planning and grocery shopping bi-weekly.  We try to eliminate any quick shopping trips, but sometimes they do happen.  Yes, I would like to be an extreme couponer, but honestly... I'm a when I remember or if it's convenient couponer.
I love to review: recipe, menu planning, and money saving apps; kitchen gadgets and appliances; and anything else that I find useful.  I give honest reviews; If I love something, I really love it!  If I don't, I'll tell you what I do and don't like about it.
I love homemade things!  Whether it be homemade food, versions of store bought items, cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, pet products, or crafts.  
We are a close, small country family.  Our own little 'pack'... At my house, it's just my husband, myself, our son...and our five dogs... I never intended to have that many; It just happened, but you can read about all of that in one of my personal stories.  (Yes, I sometimes share those too...)

I'll share my insights, tips and tricks, and anything else I've learned along my eclectic life journey in the hope that it will help someone else too.

I hope you enjoy!


Our dog Duke
My Son's dog Duke and his favorite plant.

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