A pile-up on route Mom…Menu plan to save the day.

This week I am taking off from blogging. I will begin again next week.

I’m torn between a million projects and not a one is getting finished. It’s very difficult being spread so thin. Sickness is running rampant through my house. My dining room is piled in the middle of the floor…I’m trying to get it painted. My husband has been working on our new entertainment center, so the living room has been a total mess. And of course, my son has been working on getting every single toy that he owns out and he doesn’t like putting them away. Besides all of our house renovation projects, the chores are beginning to pile up, and I’m getting stressed. So this week, I am mainly working on the house and my sanity. My goal is to finish at least 3 of the projects that have been started, laundry not included.

Blogging used to be a way to relax and take some *me time* to share information that I’m passionate about. Now I fuss over every word that I write, I’m rarely satisfied, and I keep second guessing myself. I have a million great tips that I want to share, but lately I stare at the computer feeling like it’s another chore. And that is NOT what blogging means to me. I want to enjoy it and not feel like I’m working to a deadline. I’m not a journalist, I have no boss, yet I feel that way.

Besides all of the happenings here, I have opened an Etsy store. I have been a crafter for quite a while now. There is a LOT more work to be done than I realized. I’m not saying that I’ve got in over my head, it just seems overwhelming because there are soo many other projects going on right now and I haven’t accomplished anything. However, like my picture, the sun is beginning to peek it’s face above the mess. This picture was taken in our last big snowstorm. We had over 36″. To some that may not be much, to me…it was too much!!  Although it’s snowing here again right now, I have a handle on the snow. And if I can do that, I can get a handle on my life. I’m in charge, so stress…get out of my life!

Also, around the beginning of March, I will be launching my crafting blog (Cre8ivaT). Add that to the list I’m trying to accomplish. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe week! And may you get many things accomplished.

If everything goes as planned this week, this will be my menu. Menu plans help keep what little sanity I have intact.  🙂
Dinner: Pot Roast w/ veggies.
Dinner: (Pizza Night) Taco Pizza
Dinner: (Crock Pot Night) Chicken & Stuffing In a Pot
Dinner: (Pasta Night) Mom’s Choice.
Dinner: Beef Stroganoff w/ peas.
Lunch: Left Over’s Lunch 
Dinner: Fish , rice, and cauliflower.
Lunch: Chicken nuggets & French Fries.
Dinner: Steak, Skillet Potatoes, and green beans.

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  1. Good luck with all of your new adventures. I look forward to hearing about all of them. Also, your menu does sound good! I didn't make one up for last week and it was a disaster. I didn't even want to make dinner. Today, I will get back on track and plan my week!

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