Menu Plan Monday~ Week 9 2019

Men Plan Monday
It’s Menu Plan Monday!!!

Menu Plan Monday returns to EcoNomMom! Since it’s a new year with an updated/new site, I feel like I should explain a bit about my menu planning methods.

The first thing you should know is that my menu planning doesn’t actually happen on Mondays.  My family normally shops every other Thursday.  That means that my menu plans and shopping lists are created on Wednesdays.  At least that’s the schedule that I try to keep!

Since this is a new/updated site for me with a different platform ( I moved from blogger to I won’t be linking to any of my old recipes.  Instead, in my new menu plans, I will be adding new recipes.

For the first few (or more) menu plans, I will be adding the recipes after I post the menu plan.  Please be patient with me…I’m learning to do this all over again.

Menu Plan for 2019 Week 9:

  • Monday:  Cheese Tortellini with Sun Dried Tomato and Gouda Sauce, Salad
  • Tuesday: Baked Potato Pizza
  • Wednesday: Leftovers Dinner
  • Thursday: Finely Chopped Broccoli Salad
  • Friday: J’s Pasta Salad
  • Saturday: J’s Choice
  • Sunday: J’s Choice
Birthday Balloons

Today is my birthday, so I get to pick out the meal I would most like to have…and make.  Please don’t misunderstand…my dear husband did offer to pick something up for supper.  BUT… Since my husband is not a fan of white sauces and my son isn’t fond of pasta, I don’t normally get to make this recipe.  However, since it is my birthday, today is my choice and I will not feel bad about making this dish!   I did chose to cook today, but I’m really hoping that one of them offers to handle cleanup.

I will link to the recipes as they are added. Check back later this week for the Three Cheese Tortellini with Smoked Gouda and Sun-dried Tomato Sauce.