Menu Planning Monday…back on track,

Good Morning Dear Blogosphere! I hope everyone has survived the weather of late. I took this past week off to keep up with the weather, chores, and my son. It proved to be a real challenge. The first storm hit us on a weekend, thankfully. However the next snow storm totaling 36″ hit during the week…so not only was my son home from school, but my husband headed into work each day. He has this determination that the weather will never stop him! Thank goodness he’s a good driver. With all the added outside chores, having a menu plan really saved me this past week! I was able to spend most of the days outside and still have a nice hot meal on the table at a decent time.

***Side note***
In times like these, please remember your neighbors, especially the elderly or disabled. Not only could they need help shoveling snow, they might not be able to cook for themselves. 

Without any more delay…

Lunch:Grilled Ham & Cheese w/ leftover Chicken Corn Chowder.
Dinner: Sweet & Sour Chicken with white rice and broccoli.
Dinner: (Pizza Night) Pepperoni/Bacon Pizza
Dinner: (Crock Pot Night)  Sunday Wednesday Boiled Dinner
Dinner: (Pasta Night) Dad’s Choice.
Dinner: Mexican Skillet Meal
Lunch: Left Over’s Lunch 
Dinner: Fish Sticks, French Fries, and Carrot Sticks.
Lunch: Spamwiches
Dinner: Chicken Lasagna with Salad

Check back later this week for my Chicken Lasagna recipe!