Why you should wash fruit and veggies before you eat them.

I know I said that I was taking the week off, but I HAVE to share this… 

I took this picture after rinsing this apple for about 10 seconds. Just looking at it should explain why you should wash, not just rinse, fresh produce.

I won’t disclose where I bought this from. I have a love/hate relationship with this store. I love the prices, but can not stand that 85% of their items are made in China. Back on point, these apples were supposedly organic and locally grown, or so they were trying to advertise. I am NOT stupid, there are NO apples ripe in PA right now. However, I bought them anyway…the price couldn’t be beat. At least not until my apple trees start producing! I don’t mean to gripe about the store. The point I’m trying to make…PLEASE wash, not just rinse, any produce you purchase. And by wash, I mean: wet it, scrub it with a veggie brush, rinse it off, and then wipe it dry. You may have to repeat these steps to completely rid it of *nasty stuff*, but it’s well worth the effort! Just look at the picture…you wouldn’t want to eat that would you??